Friz of Soul

Wide Awake NFT

Only 777 Wide Awake NFTs Will Ever Be Created

Public Mint Available January 24th

0.025 ETH

Welcome To The Friz of Soul Community

When you mint a Wide Awake NFT you become a holder of the first NFT to ever fund a music tour. You are getting access to a creative community, future airdrops, and are supporting a music tour with a ton of video content to be released from a vetted team. By holding a Wide Awake NFT you represent being a patron of the arts. 

Every person who mints a Wide Awake NFT will receive:

● Wide Awake NFT (1 of 5 rarities)

● Access to future Friz of Soul Web3 projects and airdrops

● Entry to private discord channels and community

● $ODEN airdrop when Friz of Soul’s music television platform Open Doors releases their social token

● Your name displayed on Friz of Soul’s tour visuals 

● First viewing of the Wide Awake animated movie

● Forever be a holder of the first NFT to fund a music tour

Hold Multiple Wide Awake NFTs

Hold one Wide Awake NFT to gain access to the majority of Wide Awake perks. Those who hold multiple Wide Awake NFTs will get access to additional Friz of Soul unreleased music. 


Hold 3+ Wide Awake NFTs to be sent one of Friz of Soul’s upcoming unreleased songs every month. 


Hold 10+ Wide Awake NFTs to get access to, Journey, over 50 songs from Friz of Soul’s first three years of producing. These songs aren’t found anywhere else on the internet, and you’ll have full rights to use these songs however you’d like. 


Hold 25+ Wide Awake NFTs to get access to Friz of Soul’s upcoming release catalog with over 40 songs. Listen to Friz of Soul’s releases while they are still in demo mode and hear what he is going to release before anyone else. 

Join Our Discord Community

All community interaction for this NFT release is happening in the Open Doors Discord. The Open Doors Discord is built by Friz of Soul to be a community space for music lovers, artists, and creatives. 


Phase 1

Launch Friz of Soul Website
Wide Awake NFT Sale

Phase 2

Prepare Tour Set & Visuals
Book Shows For Wide Awake Tour

Phase 3

Wide Awake Tour​
Content Filming and Posting Vlog/Recap Videos ​

Phase 4

Release Wide Awake Tour Documentary​
Wide Awake Album Animated Movie
Airdrop Wide Awake NFT Holders $ODEN Social Token & Release $ODEN​

Friz of Soul Accomplishments


Off Chain

Your NFT Will Create IRL Video Content

Friz of Soul founded Open Doors, a music television platform, bringing together creatives to work on projects as a team. Open Doors will be creating a documentary, vlogs, and recap videos for the Wide Awake Tour. This is a documentary produced by the Open Doors team. 


Friz of Soul

Artist / DJ / Producer 




VJ / Lighting / Show Visuals


Community Manager / 
Project Consultant


Videographer / Editor


Videographer / Editor


Visual Artist


Blockchain Developer


0.02 ETH for the pre-sale and 0.025 ETH for the public sale.


We chose to have a low mint price so that minting a Wide Awake NFT is more accessible for those who want to get involved.

Yes! A large part of the Friz of Soul narrative revolves around giving back to supporters. As a result, early access will be granted to those who were supporting the Friz of Soul brand early on to make sure that every early supporter has the chance to get a Wide Awake NFT.


If you are not currently whitelisted we will be doing giveaways and will be announcing other ways to get on the whitelist.

There are 5 different Wide Awake NFT rarities with the following quantities:


The One – 25

Celestial – 77

Enlightenment – 160

Nirvana – 220

Awakening – 295 


These rarities are only cosmetic. Every Wide Awake NFT will receive the same benefits mentioned on this site. When you mint a Wide Awake NFT you will receive one of these 5 different rarities at random.

The Wide Awake NFTs are created on the Polygon blockchain.

Yes! You can view the full whitepaper here

Friz of Soul purchased land in Cryptovoxels to build a metaverse headquarters for Open Doors. You can visit the headquarters here

Your Wide Awake NFT will show up in your OpenSea collection after minting.