Friz of Soul

NFT Guide

How to create your NFT collection and collect your first NFT! Complete each step and then move to the next step. Do this on your computer for the best experience.

MetaMask is extremely user friendly! This is your wallet that will allow you to connect to websites and applications. It takes about 10 minutes to create a MetaMask wallet. They walk you through the process and you can create your MetaMask wallet here: 

Your crypto address is a publicly viewable string of 42 characters unique to your wallet. This address allows people to send you crypto or NFTs directly to you.



Copy your address by clicking here on your metamask. Send this address to the person sending you crypto or your NFT. They will now be able to send you an NFT.

Once you have been sent your NFT you can view your collection on OpenSea.


Go to and connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on the profile icon on the top right of your screen. 


Sign in with MetaMask to access your profile.



Your MetaMask wallet will bring up a popup window asking you to “sign”. Click “sign” to confirm you’re signing in.



You can now view your NFT collection! If your NFT was sent and is not showing up it is likely in the “Hidden” section. 


Click the “Hidden” section of your collection. To unhide your NFT and make it publicly viewable, click the three dots on the bottom left of the NFT then click “unhide”. After this click “unhide” again on the bottom right of the screen to confirm. Finally, click “sign” on the MetaMask popup.





Your NFT will now be publicly viewable and in your main collection! Congratulations on starting your NFT collection! 

Many questions often come up since this is such new technology. Message any and all questions you have to @frizofsoul and I will happily answer them.